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This little poem which touched my
heart and opened the world.

       World Peace  
We - as a union- push the white flag in place,
And cry out "we are sorry for killing your race.
By: Nandini Mitra. (Copyright)   2010

Like many, I am so frustrated I began to ask myself, "How can my life get better?" It is a very tricky situation when you do not have any income coming in, i.e. No job.
Sometimes I think myself what a silly question to ask, life cannot get better if you do not have income.
Hold on! Did I say to myself "if I do not have income"? It hit my stupid brain the word "income".
The word "income" started to bother me and began to ask myself "What are the possibilities of being more creative?"
Creative? How can I be creative when I am depended upon a job just to earn some money for food shelter and clothes for me and family.
Tapping the inner abilities to promote and succeed.
Everyone has the untapped talent intelligence and most of the time we do not explore our abilities to use in our daily lives. Those who searched and tapped the talent have done themselves for better beyond imagination. So how do we search that untapped talent? Just the courage to take the steps. That is Persistence. Focusing on situation, listening to advices and exploring all the options to solve the situation for better. How does it work? I ask. The very first question in my mind is to how did I manage to get to this situation, what was my intention and what did I do and why. The "when" will give me the answers to my situation? Therefore, the main questions are "What and why". Every one of us has some sort of situations to deal with, but debt and money are the very common with majority of us along with many personal issues in life. They can be dealt with ease and favourable outcome if we focus and find better way to deal with which are always in hand but we are deeply thinking of the negative sides of the situations, our mind or brain fail to detect the other many options available if explored and executed logically for better.
Tomorrow is challenging than yesterday
"Tomorrow is challenging than yesterday". The more I think about tomorrow, it takes me to yesterdays. At the end, all comes down to "Today". No one knows what will tomorrow bring, but we are living on yesterday's values and try to improve it today for tomorrow. It continues day after day. So why do we have the entire negative attitude and act irresponsibly. Does that make sense? No, it does not. Why? Because we have "Not" set our mind set in positive attitude. Let us give you an example; you can only eat food as much your stomach allows you. You cannot eat the amount of food you would like to because the nature has blocked you. Therefore, nature rules us and when we try to go against the nature, we end up in the hand of nature.
Five questions to ask yourself
Question 1. Why am I depending on others to move forward in my life? The answer we do not like changes and follow what always been done. The time is changing but we are way behind. Question 2. Why am I not using my strength to achieve my goals? The answer,You NEVER going to know unless you going to take the steps. The ONLY cure to fear is "ACTION" Question 3. How can I manoeuvre circumstances in life for better? The answer, Just the courage to take the steps. Question 4.What are the possibilities and solutions? The answer, The web / internet is the new oil new energy. The opportunities and possibilities are endless if you are willing to change for better.Be Persisitant. Search seek learn educate build innovate business and earn sky is the limit Question 5. What are the results? Success ALL DEPENDS ON YOU. All down to your thinking the way, you see your world. It applies to every one of us no matter how rich or poor we may be. You guessed it right, the income and outgoing. You cannot spend what you do not have but how comes some have more than others do. How did they do it? What is the difference between them and me? Nothing really. Why? They have used the opportunities to build themselves where we did not make the best out of the opportunities we came across.
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Web / Internet is the new oil, new energy in technology for future
As I search for a new job through the jobsites, it seems to me that it jobs being advertised by many different sites. You apply from one site then you visit another sites and find the same jobs but slightly different way of advertising. Have you encountered that? I bet you are not in a position to search for a job.
Day in day out I look for vacancies and get frustrated. Every week I attend appropriate department to report my activities to gain an employment. Nevertheless, no joy yet.